/foh-k uh s/ (Focus) is a beautiful focus timer to help you get shit done.


I came across the Pomodoro Technique© a while back and found it to be very effective in helping me stay on task and knock out work.

I also wanted to learn more about Electron and actually ship a side project.

I combined the two and that’s how /foh-k uh s/ was born.


The app itself is written with vanilla JavaScript using Electron

This site is created using Gatsby, a React.js static site generator and is hosted on GitHub Pages

The release server is created using Node.js, Express, and Nuts. It is deployed using Now

If you are interested in using the Pomodoro Technique©, but from the command line, I have created a tiny module called Get Shit Done


I have a feature request

I found a bug

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Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter with feedback, feature requests, or just to say hi 👋